Microwiz Technologies

Binary Watch

Posted on: June 20, 2009

Last year (August 2008 to be exact), while having a casual discussion about binary clock, we took a challenge to develop something smaller than what is naturally seen. We came up with a design that is smaller than 1″sq. It uses a PIC microcontroller (mounted on the back), a few LEDs and keeps good time. The above picture is of the second prototype. The programming header does not exist on the final product.

Units comes fully assembled (handmade in U.S.A.) and no user calibration is required.


  • Power: 3vdc to 5vdc
  • Dimensions: 0.975″ x 0.95″
  • Microcontroller: PIC16F610
  • LEDs: 11 Green surface mounted LEDs
  • Schematic: Provided
  • Introductory Price: US$22.99


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